Advocate – Mediator – Counsellor




My name is Damien Southam and I am a mental health advocate and behavioural therapist. I have had a long term interest in the spiritual development and growth of people and communities. after developing skills in neuroscience I have developed a passion for “the whole picture” of a person.

I am available to advocate and counsel, and support long term goal setting.

My time is flexible, and for people on long term unemployment, Disability Support Pension and health care card – so are my fees. Mental health is truly of the utmost importance in the face of the 21st century, so please, please, please – do not let finance be the reason for not seeking help.

I have specialisations and skills range from religious / existential counselling, trauma management, Job Search provider representation, advocacy and referral to community services, behavioural therapies, acceptance therapies.

In short, if there is anyway that I can be of service, please contact me to make an appointment.

Warm Regards,

D. J. Southam




  • Confidence and support training for people seeking work
  • Support for seeking help
  • Case management and representation
  • Support for difficult social engagements

Counselling / Therapy

  • Behavioural
  • Anti-depression and anxiety
  • Cognitive Behavioural interventions
  • Existential and Religious Crisis Counselling
  • Services to JSAs, Nursing homes and Community service providers


  • For any emotionally difficult situations.
  • Family, friends or colleagues
  • Reintegration for work, relationships and personal

Services for EAPs and JSAs

I am happy to provide counselling and support services for any organisations that feel they would benefit from a professional on site, rather than sending them to a service. I am also available to any Job Service Provider, community support organisation, or relief service provider who feel that they would benefit from extra mental health personnel without having to endure the outlay of hiring more staff.

Performance upgrades for services:

I have successfully assisted many of the organisations I have worked for or with to improve their methods and system for greater efficiency and better security without sacrificing information management and accessibility.

If you feel that your organisation would benefit from an external viewpoint, please feel free to request a meeting with me to discuss your requirements, aims, and an affordable quote.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me on the form below, or

Please include a quick description of what you wish to see me about, what times of day are most available to you, and whether you are on any for of welfare at this time, and I will discuss these in detail when I contact you.

Please note: at this time, registered private health fund rebates are not available, however, general rebates may be. for further information, please consult your health fund.